How to ride: Scooter

Find out how to ride moped-scooters in just 7 steps


Open the app, find the vehicle closest to you and scroll the bar to reserve it. You have 15 minutes of free booking to reach the scooter and start the rental.


Reach the vehicle and check that the number plate corresponds to the one indicated on the app. Press unlock to turn on the scooter and open the case.


Inside the top case there are two helmets of different sizes and the appropriate hygienic caps. Choose the most suitable helmet for you, wear it and check that it is correctly fastened before leaving.

Operational Area

View the operational area on the map to see where you can park. It is possible to move and use the pause function even outside the operational area.


You can use the pause function to temporarily suspend the ride, both inside and outside the operational area.
This function allows you to keep the scooter reserved so that other users may not book it. The same rate will be applied during pause mode.

End Ride

To end the rental, make sure you are inside the operational area, end the ride using the app, insert the kickstand and place the helmets in the top case.
Check that you have properly closed the top case and that the scooter is off before leaving.


Park your scooter wherever you like as long as it is an area permitted by the rules of the road. Make sure you do not obstruct the transit of vehicles or pedestrians.

Start riding now!

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